Throughout the country, there is a shortage of mental health providers, especially child psychiatrists. Collaborative programs, through which child psychiatrists support pediatricians and other primary care providers via phone consultations or other types of “curbside consultations,”are a promising approach to leverage our existing supply of child psychiatrists to provide mental health services to children and youth.


The National Network of Child Psychiatry Access Programs (NNCPAP) will promote synergy, avoid duplication of efforts, and promote use of best practices within regional and state consultation programs. Through joint work and cross-program collaboration, we will have enhanced ability to identify the benefits of these programs and address challenges and problems quickly.


Using the resources established by the network, we expect that we will foster the development of consultation programs in areas that would otherwise have difficulty finding the resources to start or sustain them.


The network supports the emerging “medical home” model, allowing most care to be provided in the relatively low-cost primary care setting. The network promotes the reach of these programs to primary care practices throughout the country.

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